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Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening my Friends! 

Tha1Radio would like to invite you to become a member of our Angel Program.  This is a membership only club that offers perks and VIP status at event, updates and station progress, and an annual appreciation dinner. 

The purpose of the program is to create a "life line" for Tha1Radio.  What is a lifeline? It is the security blanket for the stations bills and obligations.  We recognize that we are in our first couple years of business and in order to grow into the vision that we have for the radio station; which is a station that gives back to the people.  We must assure that the basic needs of the station and its employees are met.  

Tha1Radio has created a members only club called, "Tha Angels".  Everyone who works or volunteers for the station is a member of this club.  We also welcome outside supporters!  If you belive in the goals and vision of Tha1Radio, enjoy the shows, understand how we use our media resources to help other community initiatives and feel that the station provides good music and a place you can stay informed.  Then WE NEED YOU to be an ANGEL!

The monthly dues is only $20 dollars! Your monthly $20 dollars will be part the "life line" of the radio station.  It will help assure that we are ALWAYS on the air! It will help assure that the station grows to the next level! It will help assure that we will be here for the people and the community we are based out of when they need us!
Remember- You do not have to live in San Antonio to be an Angel.  Its all about supporting the station, no matter where you live, you can still be part of the "life line".

BUT WAIT.... what happens when there are hundreds of 
Angel Members and the obligations for the station are covered?

THIS IS THE GOAL! When Tha1Radio gets to the point that all of our financial obligations are taken care of and our monthly advertisement accounts cover the needs of the station; then the money received from the Angel program will then become the "life line" of the community.
We will use the monthly dues for scholarships, community donations and to help other organizations with their community initiatives.

What Do I Get For Being An Angel?

1) First, you get the proud satisfaction of knowing that your monthly dues helps Tha1Radio do what we need for the community and our listeners.
2) Second, you get perks at events with VIP status.
3) Third, we have monthly drawings for only our angels to win great things like hotel stays, free dinners, free tickets etc.